Giuriceo Would Be A Great Sheriff

Published 3:40 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

As Prince Edward County's general election draws near, the election of a new sheriff has caught my attention and I am a resident of Washington, the District of Columbia. As an alumnus of Hampden-Sydney College (H-SC), I consider Prince Edward County to be a home away from home. Like the candidates for sheriff, I hold great interest in the welfare of life, service, and community in the county. However, electing a sheriff is more than casting a vote for a candidate who speaks of a good plan. It is about casting a vote for a candidate whose performance aligns with their word. Voting for any candidate represents a voter's commitment to working with a sheriff who has a strategy to move the county forward in the area of law enforcement. I believe the most effective way of achieving this is by doing exactly what Kenneth W. Jackson of Rice said in his letter to the editor that appeared on 25 October 2011: “Taking a deep breath and studying the facts is the best way to make a rational and informative decision.”

For nine years, I have had the opportunity to study the facts about one candidate in particular-Greg “Juice” Giuriceo. Officer Giuriceo has demonstrated the hope found in the vision of the Prince Edward County Sheriff's Office (PECSO), “of seeing a secured future for today's children and their families provided for by a unified system of government along with citizen interaction.” Serving the H-SC community, Officer Giuriceo has upheld this hope not only for Prince Edward County's future but also for the future of our nation by protecting and serving the young men and their families. Officer Giuriceo knows that safety starts with the truth, hence he exemplifies the character of integrity, wisdom, and humility. His performance reveals that he has a genuine understanding of safety, a strong record of service, and a demonstrated commitment to community. Officer Giuriceo executes the mission of PECSO without shedding his humanity; this is a quality often sacrificed in high positions. When you view his campaign platform, you see exactly this:

• Revise and implement a more efficient model of the Neighborhood Watch program throughout the county.

• Design and implement a school critical incident plan in all local law enforcement agencies, including Fire and Rescue.

• Taking a proactive approach through training for the entire PECSO in order to maintain a level of awareness and skill measurements in areas of law enforcement.

• Completing and enforcing a Standard Operating Procedures manual for accountability of performance

• Maintaining a constant standard of excellence of employees by enforcing complete background investigation and drug testing of potential and current employees.

• Strengthening the relationship between the PECSO and community through increase of visibility.

• Investing in the county's future by continuing to support the DARE and gang prevention programs.

It is clear that Officer Giuriceo is a leader of vision and action, and one who is seeking to demonstrate those things before the people of Prince Edward County. I believe the people of Prince Edward County deserve a sheriff who is committed to safety, service, and community. I believe Officer Giuriceo is that candidate.

Former Commissioner Melvin A Moore-Adams

Washington, DC