Answer The Call; Vote For Tyree

Published 4:25 pm Thursday, November 3, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

On November 8, the citizens of Buckingham County will go to the polls and make some tough decisions. One decision that's not hard at all to make is who to vote for Sheriff of Buckingham. We want a good man with 28 years in “hands-on” law enforcement experience; we want a man with the common sense to apply his knowledge and training to the criminal problems we are faced with in Buckingham. James Tyree is that man. Since 1971 these traits have been the cornerstone of his reputation, which is also one of honesty, fairness, level headed and people-friendly.

James Tyree is eager to serve the citizens of Buckingham County once again. As a State Trooper he has answered calls countless times before and as Sheriff can answer the calls once again. Do you want what is best for our home here in Buckingham County? Won't you answer the call and vote James Tyree for Sheriff? We need a sheriff who will work for all citizens, with a history of solving crimes, making arrests that stand up in a court of law, and will work with the people to address their concerns, who are not afraid to interact with the citizens in person. Let's all be leaders in Buckingham and vote for experience with common sense. Vote James Tyree for Sheriff.

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Alyssa Wood