Public Notice Environmental Permit

Published 4:31 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PURPOSE OF NOTICE: To seek public comment on a proposed permit from the Department of Environmental Quality that will allow the land application of treated municipal waste in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: October 6, 2011 to November 4, 2011 at 5 p.m.

PERMIT NAME: Virginia Pollution Abatement issued by DEQ, under the authority of the State Water Control Board

NAME, ADDRESS AND PERMIT NUMBER OF APPLICANTS: Nutri-Blend, Inc., P.O. Box 38060, Richmond, VA 23231 (Permit Number VPA03012)


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Nutri-Blend, Inc. has applied for a permit to authorize the land application of biosolids to 660 fields in Prince Edward County, VA totaling approximately 8886.1 acres of farmland. Eight fields are owned by H.C. Anderson, three fields are owned by Larry Atkins, eight fields are owned by C. & T. Benoff, twelve fields are owned by Dennis Bobenreith, three fields are owned by N. & D. Boehmer, eighteen fields are owned by John Boswell, sixteen fields are owned by Steve & Susan Bower, five fields are owned by David Bowman, seven fields are owned by Louis Capezza, seven fields owned by HC, J. & C. Cunningham, two fields owned by Irma Jenkins, seven fields owned by Beverley Anderson, five fields owned by Billy Dempsey, seven fields owned by M. & B. DeGeronimo, two fields owned by Gene & Barbara Dixon, six fields owned by Blue Rock Resources, four fields are owned by Kyanite Mining, four fields are owned by Blue Rock / Kyanite, five fields owned by David & Peggy Emert, three fields owned by Peggy Emert, nine fields owned by David Emert, one field owned by David and Leanne Emert, four fields owned by Minnie Fallen, eight fields owned by Charlene Fallen, twenty fields owned by James & Mildred Farley, twelve fields owned by Edward & Michael Helton, thirty-four fields owned by Jean Fowlkes, thirty-seven fields owned by James Garnett, eight fields owned by Robert & Lauraine Gentry, thirteen fields owned by Don Gilliam, ten fields owned by Duane Gilliam, fifteen fields owned by C.K. Brisentine, twenty fields owned by Danny Glenn, Jr., seventeen fields owned by Averette Simpson, seven fields owned by C.T. Wilkerson, nineteen fields owned by Ralph Haga, fourteen fields owned by D. Neathey, twenty-one fields owned by J. Mahan, one field owned by E. Hopkins, one field owned by T.B. Alexander, nine fields owned by B. Hines, eighteen fields owned by R. Hines, five fields owned by G.D. & Kate Gilliam, twenty-four fields owned by Joe & Brenda Irving, five fields owned by Robert & Thuresa Johnston, nineteen fields owned by Hobert & Kathleen Lewis, eight fields owned by R.E. McClenny & M.M. Deal, three fields owned by Tola G. Morgan, three fields owned by Jessie & Catherine Pack, one field owned by J.T. Powers & June Brady, seventeen fields owned by Donald, Kenneth & Ray Routt, nine fields owned by C. Eugene & Fay Sams, twenty-six fields owned by R.B. & Barbara Schmidt, Jr., nine fields owned by Geo Shorter Trust, twenty-three fields owned by H. Baldwin & A.H. McMullen, nine fields owned by Ms. Hix Baldwin, one field owned by John & Paula Philbrick, nine fields owned by Robert Taylor Estate, eleven fields owned by Marshall & Donna Thackston, three fields owned by Montie Thomas, four fields owned by Lawrence & Joyce Ward, five fields owned by Ann Ward, one field owned by Joseph R. Wright, Jr., eleven fields owned by Jesse Yeatts, eleven fields owned by John A. & Melani Young Trust, seven fields owned by John A. Young, and seven fields owned by Thomas & Katrena Young. The biosolids will be land applied as a fertilizer at a controlled rate in accordance with a nutrient management plan that will be developed for each site. The applicants propose to utilize biosolids on farmland without a discharge to surface waters. DEQ's preliminary decision is to approve the permit.

HOW TO COMMENT: DEQ accepts comments by e-mail, fax or postal mail. All comments must be in writing and be received by DEQ during the comment period. Written comments must include: 1) The names, mailing addresses and telephone numbers of the person commenting and of all people represented by the citizen. 2) If a public hearing is requested, the reason for holding a hearing, including the associated concerns. 3) A brief, informal statement regarding the extent of the interest of the person commenting, including how the operation of the facility or activity affects the citizen. DEQ may hold a public hearing, including another comment period, if public response is significant and there are substantial, disputed issues relevant to the proposed permit. The public may review the draft permit and application at the DEQ office named below.

CONTACT FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS, DOCUMENT REQUESTS AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: E. Mark Coppage; DEQ – Blue Ridge Regional Office – Lynchburg, 7705 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502; Phone: (434) 582-5120;

E-mail; Fax: (434) 582-5125.