Attorney Supports Jim Ennis

Published 4:53 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

Please allow me to use your forum so that I may urge support for Jim Ennis for Commonwealth Attorney in the upcoming election.

Some people who shout “change” would vote for anyone but the incumbent, but in today's economic environment with theft and other crimes increasing at a rapid pace, we need experience and stability in this office.

Jim is a Commonwealth Attorney who does not prosecute for the sake of prosecution, but he strives to find justice as the proper outcome. He can be a furious prosecutor when need be, but he can also exhibit compassion if the nature of the case calls for the same.

He has developed a support staff of highly trained, courteous professionals, both in his Assistant Commonwealth Attorney's and in the ladies in his office. All of them contribute to make the office function smoothly, even in light of a tremendous caseload.

It would be an unfortunate occurrence if apathy produced change that was not the betterment of Prince Edward County. We have the best man for the position. Exercise your most viable political power and be sure to vote on November 8.

John M. Boswell