Bert Dodson For Virginia Senate

Published 4:10 pm Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

With the recent primary behind us, it's time to decide who's best prepared to represent us in Virginia's new 22nd Senate District which includes Prince Edward County. I encourage residents of our district to choose Bert Dodson as our Senator in the general election this fall.

Bert Dodson has been President of Dodson Pest Control since 1989. With over 500 employees under his leadership, Bert understands what businesses need to grow jobs. Bert will use his business experience to help create jobs and promote economic opportunity.

Bert is a member of the Leadership Council of the National Federation of Independent business and was honored by the NFIB as a Small Business Champion in 2006. He believes that government should operate much the same as a business, where efficiency and accountability are more important than scoring political points.

As our new Senator, Bert will be committed to holding the line on taxes, creating incentives to attract new industry and being a partner in local recruiting efforts for our district. Bert knows that, in business, one cannot be successful unless one is willing to listen and respond to customers' needs. We can count on Bert to listen to our concerns about the issues that matter most to us.

Please join me and my family in supporting Bert Dodson for Senate this November.

Laura Keohane