Landfill Status Update

Published 3:42 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CUMBERLAND – County Supervisors received an update from Republic Services, Inc. on the proposed landfill projected to one day come into Cumberland at a site prepared just off of Route 60.

“I just wanted to run down a few minor updates from the last time I spoke with you about all that has been done with the landfill,” said Tim Loveland, representing Republic, during the Board of Supervisors meeting on July 12.

Republic was out and about at Patriot Day this spring, meeting citizens, and was also able to provide its Host Fee to the County in the amount of $500,000 for the year, he said, as part of keeping in conformance with the Host Agreement.

The landfill's operations plan is also being finalized and reviewed in conjunction with Cumberland's Planning Director, Bret Schardein, and is getting its last response from Republic at this time, he added.

Another concern addressed by Loveland was related to the impact on Route 60 since the addition of a turning lane was constructed at the entrance to the landfill site.

“The way it was joined up it went over the old shoulder and where it's sitting now it's starting to settle some,” he said. “We did have a meeting with VDOT over a month ago and we still have to meet with them again.”

“We're looking at two options but at this time the immediate action would be to repaint the lines and kind of eliminate that turn lane just by repainting and keeping things accessible on the main part of Route 60. Before we could do anything further with the landfill, we'd have to repair that. As far as this year, we are looking at just repairing that with some type of cones so the main traffic stays in the path of Route 60.”

Economy Update

Loveland also gave the Supervisors an economic outlook update concerning disposal amounts and the impact it's had on Republic opening the site in Cumberland.

A new report was just received in June on 2010 numbers, he explained, that goes into detail about all types of waste that was taken in throughout the last year.

“2010 tons were very similar to those in 2009,” he said. “Although they did beat the previous year by about 55,000 tons, or four percent, compared to (20)09… We saw that as well… There has been definitely some competition going on and we've won and lost some volumes but as a whole we've been able to stay very similar to 2009.”

Virginia, according to Loveland, has lost about five million tons since 2007 and Republic, as a company, with four active landfills in the state, has lost 1.8 million tons.

“It sheds a little light on where we are at,” he said. “The good news is that for 2010 we didn't go back anymore. This year there hasn't been any great signs but there has been a little bit of improvement on construction in the Richmond and Williamsburg area…It wasn't significant to look at the big picture but it was significant as far as the building is going back…”

According to Loveland, Republic has seen “steady volume” to date but with “no great boost yet.”

The Board's Questions

After the presentation, Supervisor Tim Kennell, District Two, asked a few additional questions about the Route 60 road repair.

Tim Torrez, representing Republic, explained to Kennell, that another VDOT meeting is pending and that Republic is working to see “if they (VDOT) would share the costs” needed for the repair project.

Kennell asked, “Is there anything that I can do to help speed that up?”

Supervisor Bill Osl, District One, asked about the status of the landfill project in Cumberland?

“Is it safe to assume that you made a significant investment in the property that's up there and as volume comes back and as you continue to see the economy change and so forth your intention is to one day be operational at the landfill?” he asked.

“Yes,” responded Loveland. “That's still our intention…”

“We just need some of that volume to come back but that's still our intention, to open,” concluded Loveland.