PE Boys Put Four On First Team

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Powhatan head coach Jeff Poston was named the Southside District's Coach of the Year, while Powhatan defender Taylor Atkinson was named the Player of the Year in voting conducted by the league's coaches recently.

Prince Edward placed four players (Michael Lawrence, Tevin Jones, Devin Dyer, and Cainan Townsend) on the first team, while Peter Carter and Alan Williams received Second Team accolades.

Listed below is the complete First and Second Team.


First Team

Ethan Beard, M, Powhatan; Taylor Atkinson, D, Powhatan; Michael Lawrence, F, Prince Edward; Anthony Polakiewicz, M, Park View; J. J. Fitzgerald, F, Nottoway; Austin Gupton, M, Bluestone; Tevin Jones, F, Prince Edward; Devin Dyer, M, Prince Edward; Joey Siverd, M, Park View; Tyler Bagbey, D, Bluestone; Aaron Homelin, F, Powhatan; Michael Hastings, F, Southampton; Charles Webster, D, Bluestone; Drew Roethlisberger, D, Park View; Ricky Poston, G, Powhatan; Cainan Townsend, D, Prince Edward

Second Team

Alex Catney, Powhatan; Drew Ratliff, Powhatan; Tyler Amorese, Powhatan; Treyveon Bullard, Nottoway; Ross Hopkins, Powhatan; Jacob Newton, Park View; Angel Mejia, Greensville; Angel Ponce-Rangel, Brunswick; Alex Dunlow, Southampton; Alan Williams, Prince Edward; Augie Sneed, Powhatan; Peter Carter, Prince Edward; Chris Watson, Brunswick; Nathan Roethlisberger, Park View; David Strozier, Southampton; John Lilly, Southampton

Honorable Mention

Evan Booth, Bluestone; Dustin Moseley, Greensville; Ben Lewis, Powhatan; Evan Moss, Park View; Jose Argueta, Brunswick; Evan Ortega, Nottoway; Johnnie Tribbett, Southampton; Bryan Allen; Prince Edward

Player of the Year: Taylor Atkinson, Powhatan

Coach of the Year: Jeff Poston, Powhatan

Dyer, Cainan Put On Region I 2nd Team

Prince Edward County High School boys soccer players Devin Dyer and Cainan Townsend were named to the Region I Boys Soccer All-Region Soccer Second Team in recent voting held by the region's coaches.

Michael Lawrence and Tevin Jones received Honorable Mention recognition.

Jamestown forward Patrick O'Brien was named the Region I Player of the Year and Jamestown's Bobby O'Brien was named the Region's Coach of the Year.

Listed below is the complete First and Second Team.


First Team

Patrick O'Brien, F, Jamestown; Jalon Brown, F, Grafton; Blake Tomasco, F, Courtland; Rahim Costa-Dorsey, F, Lafayette; Robert Stephens, F, Lafayette; Justen Silva, M, Lafayette; David Salazar, M, Courtland; Hunter Hartnett, M, Jamestown; Jake Mader, M, Tabb; Saul Diaz, M, Chancellor; Sean Christein, D, Tabb; Trevor Davis, D, Jamestown; Bryan Musante, D, Courtland; Kendall Pressey, D, Lafayette; Taylor Atkinson, D, Powhatan; Joel Johnson, G, Courtland

Second Team

Andrew Oakes, F, Courtland; Tyler Smirco, F, Chancellor; Jacob Burke, F, Chancellor; Aaron Llomelin, F, Powhatan; Dan Geyer, F, Jamestown; Ethan Beard, M, Powhatan; Devin Dyer, M, Prince Edward; Patrick Kelley, M, Jamestown; Gavin Held, M, Warhill; Ryan Haynes, M, James Monroe; Davis Waldenmeier, D, Chancellor; Drew Fridrichs, D, Jamestown; Cainan Townsend, D, Prince Edward; Patrick Karl, D, Smithfield; Chris Paige, D, James Monroe; Matt Chapman, G, Jamestown

Honorable Mention

Calum MacDonald, F, Battlefield; Michael Lawrence, F, Prince Edward; J.J. Fitzgerald, F, Nottoway; Tevin Jones, F, Prince Edward; Michael Hastings, F, Southampton; John Kearney, M, Culpeper; Christian Santos, M, Courtland; Anthony Polakiewicz, M, Park View; Austin Gupton, M, Bluestone; Joey Siverd, M, Park View; Cody Dean, D, Culpeper; Tyler Bagbey, D, Bluestone; Charles Webster, D, Bluestone; Drew Rothlisberger, D, Park View; Mauricio Castro, D, Courtland; Ricky Poston, G, Powhatan

Player of the Year: Patrick O'Brien, Jamestown

Coach of the Year: Bobby O'Brien, Jamestown