Time To Change Cumberland Supervisors

Published 4:17 pm Thursday, May 12, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

Thank goodness this is an election year. We poor, dumb, taxpayers and voters of Cumberland County are getting a whole two cent tax cut and seeing $100,000 cut from the county budget for legal expenditures as our Board of Supervisors seeks to buy our votes. Try to imagine what they would have done to us if it weren't an election year.

Not only that, but as they continue to try to convince us how great they are they are telling us some things about themselves. First, Mr. Petty makes claims of fully funding the Sheriff's Department so that 24/7 service could be provided during the present year for the first time in county history. I believe these claims are inaccurate as last year the Board of Supervisors, rather than fully funding the Sheriff's dept., cut, yes cut, two positions from the Sheriff's budget. Oh, and 27/7 coverage service was begun two years prior to that by Sheriff Hodges and maintained last year through the sacrifices of the Sheriff and his staff. No credit to the Board of Supervisors.

Now, suddenly, as Mr. Womack prepares to run for re-election, he discovers, in my opinion, that he can hear. Last year during budget hearings, he either couldn't hear or ignored Supervisors Oertel and Kennell as they repeatedly said that the County Attorney was being paid too much.

Not only that, but a number of poor, dumb, taxpaying voters, including myself, also stated that the Attorney's pay should be reduced. Mr. Womack either could not hear, was too hard-headed to listen, or, since it wasn't election year, didn't care what they thought, in my opinion.

This year, election year, Mr. Womack votes to reduce legal costs by $100,000. He explains that he has heard from the voters as he circulated petitions to qualify to run for re-election.

Whether too hard-headed to hear what the people were saying or too hard of hearing to hear what Supervisors Oertel and Kennell were saying, Mr. Womack needs to go. We need Supervisors who can hear and represent the people, not just in elelction year, but every year.

Yes, this is an election year. It is time for change, big change, on the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors. As one of the Supervisors said during the discussion of staggered terms, “it's time to throw the bums out.”

David E. Meinhard