Babysitter Training Offered This Summer

Published 4:21 pm Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Southside Virginia Chapter of Holistic Moms Network is sponsoring the day long opportunities throughout the summer. Eleven to fifteen year olds will learn the skills and gain the confidence to be great babysitters. The fun, fast-paced and interactive class helps to improve safety for children and babysitters. Hands-on activities, role-playing and discussions will teach the participants how to care for children and infants, leadership and decision-making skills, along with writing resumes and interviewing. Babysitter's Training also covers the latest updates on first aid and cardiovascular care, with optional lessons for first aid and CPR certification.

Students will receive a Training Handbook with info and resources to use in class and on the job, along with an Emergency Reference Guide. A Training CD-ROM is also included to provide tools to run a business, such as an organizer, printable activities, resume template and interactive exercises. It's a way for young citizens to be more qualified and useful community members, while offering a service and earning an income.

The classes will be June 9, July 14 and August 11 from 9am – 4:30 p.m. at the South Street Conference Center located at 124 South Street in Farmville. There will be approximately 7 hours of training with a lunch break. Students will be asked to bring their lunches. The cost per student is $60. The class is open to all children ages 11-15 and registration is required.

For additional information please contact Allison Crews at or 804-307-9608.