Gaskins' Civil War Articles Are Terrific

Published 4:39 pm Thursday, February 3, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

I believe, the latest story, by Dr. Ray Gaskins, on Major Fontaine is the best of the 20 accounts of the Civil War to date. I have saved all but two. I will add these to my collection of Civil War stories of Interest. I did not become interested in the Civil War in school. I did find out my great grandfather came through Farmville with General Lee and was with him at Appomattox. After that, I became interested and now read as many stories as I can find time for. General Nathan Bedford Forest, and his stories are very interesting also. Major Lamar Fontain was most unusual and to live through what he did is amazing. I look forward to the next story.

My great grandfather's brother James Yeatts was wounded at Frazier's Farm near Richmond on June 30, 1862 and died July 4. He is buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. My great grandfather lived until 1909 and is buried in Spring Hill cemetery in Lynchburg. They were in the 18th Virginia Infantry from March 12, 1862 until death or discharge at Appomattox. Another uncle died at Gettysburg, but many others by the name of Yeatts served but I have not found proof of kinship. How could one not be interested when they find such vivid stories and records, giving accounts such as Dr. Gaskins has been researching. I hope he puts all of the stories in book form. It should be a best seller. Thank you, Dr. Gaskins and the Herald for such stories.

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Cecil Yeatts,


(Editor's note: A book is definitely in the works. Thank you for reading).