Only Two For Me!

Published 5:23 pm Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hurry! There's only 360 days or so left to keep New Year's resolutions so jump on the wagon and make a few right now if you haven't already (oh yes, there's still time)…

I usually resolve myself to hard to keep resolutions that have no middle road. Do this… Not that… Don't eat that…Eat this… and depending on the year the list is either shorter or longer. But this year, I'm trying a new laid back approach. I'm trying not to be so obsessive compulsive about a few things.

I have created a few (and by a few I do mean two…These are a kind' a big deal for me so there are only two) “guidelines,” that I'd like to keep in mind as I embark on the brand new, squeaky-clean year.

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You might find these a little extreme for me so either sit down or hold on to something while standing up but here goes…

1. Actually play more with the toddler, who is growing up entirely too fast.

This may sound strange but sometimes I feel like I say I'm playing with her but in all actuality we are playing Mommy games like “clean up” or “help me get this straight.” That might sound fun to me but she's not always in the cleaning or organizing mood. So this year one goal is to actually sit down and play with her whatever game or toy she'd like when she asks. I promise I'll try not to run the vacuum around her blocks and call it playing with her because I'm in the same room.

2. Allow for a few messes.

Even the two-year old knows that messes are not allowed and I often find her thinking about the mess she's about to make or catch her fussing at her daddy for “making a big mess.” So since this is starting to worry me a little, I'll be a model for her this year. I will try (I mean this is going to take a lot of work) to only pick up the house once a day. On days we are home, I think I pick up at least four times-the house is usually straightened and put back together in the morning before lunch, before nap time, before dinner, and then again before going to bed. So look out! This year, I will only try to pick up once before bedtime. So, let the piles mound and the toys be everywhere, I'm going to try living on the “wild” side for a while.

I love the idea of a fresh start and a new year where we're allowed to make adjustments or work on things to better our families and ourselves. Although my list may be small, I feel like they are meaningful resolutions that will create more fun times we have together as family and allow us to make great memories that will last well beyond the 2011 year.

So, here's to a starting over and my wish is that we keep meeting back here and that each of you has a happy, safe, healthy and joyful year!