School Board To Better Advocate Public Schooling

Published 4:08 pm Thursday, December 16, 2010

CUMBERLAND – After recently discussing its self-evaluation, the Cumberland School Board has created one main goal for the upcoming year and that is to work harder at advocating more for public education.

The main goal was created during a called meeting at the annual VSBA conference in November but was just announced during this week's School Board meeting.

“One of the things that was discussed…at the VSBA conference was some of the legislation that is on the table for this next year and it became blatantly clear and painfully obvious how important it would be for us to advocate for public ed. before those items actually became law or legislation,” said Chair Dr. Christine Ross. “…It made more sense to roll them into that one goal and that's really what we are going to work towards-being an advocate within our own community but also with those legislatures.”

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As part of advocating for public education, the Board discussed how the goal could be achieved.

According to information provided to The Herald, the School Board members will work to attend Board of Supervisors' meetings more consistently; have the Superintendent send her weekly blog to Supervisors (it can already be accessed online by visiting the school system's homepage); make attempts to keep abreast of all legislation concerning education and take action whenever possible; and to hold more town hall meetings and to also establish other ways to inform the public of educational issues.

The Board also wants to work towards inviting members of the community into the school more often and to lobby the General Assembly and individual members in Richmond and by inviting them to Cumberland.

According to Dr. Ross, the Board's main goal will be put on the agenda every other month for discussion and each member will take turns reporting on accomplishments.