Generosity Keeps Madeline's House A Beacon Of Light

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

Southside Center for Violence Prevention, Inc and Madeline's House/Piedmont Crisis Center are extremely grateful for the outstanding amount of support during 2010. It is the support of the communities and volunteers that helps to keep the organization operational. The staff at Madeline's House relies on volunteers to help with the transportation of residents to and from appointments and even with activities at the shelter, as well as numerous other tasks. Your love and kindness means the world to an individual or family who has left everything behind in order to start over safely.

Because of the generosity of individuals, churches, and community groups Madeline's House is able to remain that beacon of light in the time of storms for victims of domestic/sexual violence. A recent call was typical of what our hotline staff encounters: “I need shelter”…..”We have a room.” “I don't have any money”….”Not a problem” “I don't have clothes”…”We will cloth you”…”I don't have a car”…”We will get you here.”

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If you or someone you know needs information about domestic/sexual violence or are in need of shelter services please call 1-888-819-2926. Southside Center also provides free educational presentations to the public.

Thank you, Southside Virginia for all of your support and dedication to the fight to create survivors from domestic/sexual assault victims.

Southside Center for Violence Prevention, Inc

Madeline's House/Piedmont Crisis Center