Buckingham Schools

Published 3:15 pm Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buckingham Primary

Monday, Jan. 3 – Pepperoni pizza, corn, green beans, peaches;

Tuesday, Jan. 4 – Chicken fajita, pears, graham crackers;

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Wednesday, Jan. 5 – Hot dog, vegetarian beans, French fries, orange half, roll;

Thursday, Jan. 6 – Chicken vegetable soup, grilled cheese sandwich, banana, crackers, cookie;

Friday, Jan. 7 – Turkey sandwich, broccoli/cheese, potato wedges, peaches, graham crackers;

*all meals served with milk.

Dillwyn Primary/Dillwyn Elementary

Monday, Jan. 3 – Corn dogs, baked beans, French fries, apple sauce, gingerbread;

Tuesday, Jan. 4 – Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, broccoli & cheese, pineapple, roll;

Wednesday, Jan. 5 – Pizza, corn on cob, salad, peaches, cookie;

Thursday, Jan. 6 – Ham, potato wedges, peas, fruit, roll;

Friday, Jan. 7 – Spaghetti/meat sauce, corn, green beans, pears, roll;

* all meals served with milk.

Gold Hill Elementary

Monday, Jan. 3 – Pizza, corn, greens, fruit;

Tuesday, Jan. 4 – Chicken nuggets, baked apples, green beans, fruit, roll;

Wednesday, Jan. 5 – Pork roast/gravy, mashed potatoes, lima beans, fruit, roll;

Thursday, Jan. 6 – Ham sandwich, scalloped potatoes, peas, fruit, bun;

Friday, Jan. 7 – Hamburger, French fries, broccoli, fruit, roll;

* all meals served with milk.

Buckingham Middle School

Monday, Jan. 3 – Steak-um/cheese or cheeseburger, French, fries, broccoli & cheese, fruit, cookies

Tuesday, Jan. 4 – Chicken vegetable soup, grilled cheese sandwich, fruit, cookie, crackers; corn dog nuggets, tater tots, peas, fruit, cookie;

Wednesday, Jan. 5 – Chicken patty, green beans, corn, fruit, roll; chef's salad, fruit, crackers;

Thursday, Jan. 6 – Hot dog/chili, or pork BBQ, French fries, cole slaw, baked apples, graham crackers;

Friday, Jan. 7 – Chicken fajita, corn, juice bar, graham crackers;

*all meals served with milk.

Buckingham High School

Monday, Jan. 3 – Chicken nuggets or fish, tater tots, peas, fruit, roll;

Tuesday, Jan. 4 – Tacos or taco salad, Spanish rice, fruit, chips;

Wednesday, Jan. 5 – Hamburger steak or roast turkey/gravy, scalloped potatoes, peas, fruit, cake, roll;

Thursday, Jan. 6 – Sub bar, French fries, fruit, cookie;

Friday, Jan. 7 – Corn dog nuggets and baked beans or cheeseburger, tater tots, fruit, Teddy Grahams;

*all meals served with milk.