Prince Edward Sheriff's Department Activity Report

Published 3:54 pm Thursday, November 4, 2010

Total calls received – 164

Calls handled by dispatch – 35

Civil papers served – 146

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Criminal papers served – 30

Transports of mental patients and prisoners – 5

Traffic stops – 36

Court Hours –

Calls Received:

October 25

• Burglar alarm on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Shots fired on Back Hampden-Sydney Road.

• Accident involving deer on South Farmville Road.

• Larceny on Bell Calhoun Drive.

• Medical call on Briery Hill Road.

• Burglar alarm on Pisgah Church Road.

• Accident involving deer on Abilene Road.

• Transport to Campbell Crossing Road.

• Stolen property on Tower Road.

• Protective Order Service.

• Vehicle unlock at Wal-Mart.

• Breaking and Entering on Mount Moriah Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Farmville Road.

October 26

• Domestic.

• Rescue call on Rainbow Lane.

• Shoplifting on Abilene Road.

• Requesting assistance on Back Hampden-Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Rattlers Branch Road.

• Animal Control requested on Rice Creek Road.

• Traffic hazard on Twin Bridges Road.

• Suspicious subjects on Miller Lake Road.

• Burglar alarm on Catalpa Lane.

• Rescue call on Lockett Road.

• Phone harassment on Fairgrounds Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Commerce Road.

October 27

• 911 hang-up on Redd Shop Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Bloomfield Road.

• Transport to Crossroads.

• Suspicious vehicle on Carter Road.

• Accident on Back Hampden-Sydney Road.

• Verbal threats.

• Tree in road on Meherrin Road.

• Rescue call on High Bridge Road.

• Hit and Run on Holly Farms Road.

• Tree in road on Virso Road.

• Tree in road on Virso Road.

• Warrant service.

• Suspicous incident on New Bethel Road.

• Problem with juvenile.

• Mental subject.

• Protective Order Service.

• Protective Order Service.

• Accident on Hardtimes Road.

• Abilene on Hardtimes Road.

• Alarm on Prince Edward Highway.

October 28

• Suspicous incident on Fairgrounds Road.

• Accident involving deer on South Farmville Road.

• Animal carcass on Highway on North Hardtimes Road.

• Accident on involving deer on Pamplin Road.

• Rescue call on Hendricks Road.

• Warrant service.

• Disabled vehicle on Farmville Road.

• Larceny on West Third Street.

• Disabled vehicle on Holly Farms Road.

• Alarm on Farmville Road.

• Accident involving deer on Green Bay Road.

• Theft on Rice's Depot Road.

October 29

• Domestic.

• Rescue call on Apollo Drive.

• Animal control requested on Prince Edward Highway.

• Accident on Lockett Road.

• Warrant service.

• Vehicle unlock on First Rock Road.

• Loud music on Price Lane.

October 30

• Shots fired on Holly Farms Road.

• Accident on Kingsville Road.

• Burglar alarm on Allen Farm Road.

• Reckless driving on Bloomfield Road.

• 911 hang-up on Miller Court.

• Direct traffic on Harris Creek Road.

• Domestic.

• Disabled vehicle on Hardtimes Road.

• Accident at VDOT Shop.

• Brush fire on Prince Edward Highway.

• Lost items on Farmville Road.

• Burglar alarm on High Rock Road.

• Accident involving deer on Prince Edward Highway.

• Disabled vehicle on Tuggle Road.

• Game Warden requested on Prospect Road.

• Improperly parked vehicle on Whispering Wood Road.

• Accident involving deer on North Farmville Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Farmville Road.

October 31

• Problem with child.

• Verbal dispute on Elam Road.

• Domestic.

• Dispute on North Jones Boulevard.

• Burglar alarm on Worsham Road.

• Transport to Crossroads.

• Rape still under investigation.

• Welfare check on Pamplin Road.

• Game Warden requested on Whispering Wood Road.

• Accident involving deer on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Stolen license plate on Hardtimes Road.

• Controlled burn on Prince Edward Highway.

• Dispute on Oak Hill Road.

• Suspicous subjects on Prince Edward Highway.