PE Squad Care Is Something To Tweet About

Published 6:22 am Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twenty-five bucks a year.

That's fifty cents a week.

Or about seven cents a day.

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You can buy what for seven cents a day?

No, you can't even buy what for seven cents a day.

You can't bail out anything, either.

There's not much stimulus in seven cents a day.

It would cost more to wrap that stimulus package.

Seven cents.

Pretty worthless as a daily spending sum.

Most kids would kick and scream if their allowance was seven cents a day.

Tweet-off, they'd say.

And if they happened to be walking down the stairs as they were texting their anger they might misstep, fall down the stairs, breaking a leg, an arm, and knocking themselves unconscious.

If their parents had spent seven cents a day to enroll in the Prince Edward County Volunteer Rescue Squad's Squad Care program then the family in that household would be assured that any uninsured portion of the rescue squad's medically necessary ambulance transportation to the hospital would be covered.

Including any costs for co-insurance.

And the deductible not covered by insurance.

No out-of-pocket expense worries when it comes to such ambulance service.

Nearly 1,600 households participated last year and it's time to sign up for 2011.

Twenty-five bucks a year covers the family in the Squad Care program.

Not bad for seven cents a day.

Squad Care helps you and it also helps the Prince Edward County Volunteer Rescue Squad meet the financial challenges necessary to meet the emergency needs of its considerable coverage area, which saw the rescue squad respond to over 2,600 calls last year.

That's something worth being all-of-a-twitter about.

(Mailings from the squad about Squad Care have gone out. If you missed yours, you can call the squad at 392-6973, the non-emergency number, mail them a letter at P.O. Box 87, Farmville, VA 23901, or send them an email via the squad's website: