Help For Horses Is Applauded

Published 6:26 am Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

The evening of Friday, November 12th there was an emergency situation with our horses. There are so many people that came out that night to help in any way they could and we deeply appreciate each and every one of them.

There was a lot of strategy being tossed around in those hours, some of which would never have worked but, in the end, Wilbur is alive because a lot of people cared enough to figure it out.

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The Farmville Police Dept., Prince Edward Sheriff's Office, The Farmville Fire Dept., the Prince Edward Rescue Squad, Town of Farmville Public Works and many others whose names we'll never know were there to herd the horses out of the road and to help Wilbur out of the four foot pool. Celina and John Schmucker of Aspen Hill Quarter Horses in Rice have always been our lifeline and they sent Wilbur everybody that he needed to survive this ordeal. Trish and John Wingo, Josh Pack and Dr. Brandy Phelps came to the scene, did whatever needed to be done and transported the injured horses to Aspen Hill where the staff was waiting to provide a safe, warm place.

The sun was coming up when they all got home. A big THANK YOU to everybody.

Update on the adventuresome trio – they are alive and recovering. Jimbo has a broken hip bone and Wilbur has numerous lacerations. Patch survived physically unscathed but emotionally traumatized as we all were. You won't see them in the field at Main and Peery Drive any longer as they have moved to another location for R&R.

Jenny Wood and Dianne Fore

on behalf of Wilbur, Jimbo & Patch