First Amendment Editorial Spurs Thought

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

I read with great dismay your editorial in the Tuesday October 26th edition of the Herald titled “School Board Shuts Off Microphone Of Valedictorian.” Her microphone was shut off because she was mentioning the Bible and her faith in God. You closed the editorial by asking a question, “But throwing the First Amendment aside-as school officials and the US Supreme Court seem to have done already-one wonders why, in a world filled with the darkness of guns, drugs, gangs, violence, any school official anywhere would try and silence one student, invited by them to speak, from talking about where she had found the light.” I think the answer to your question is-we Christians, believers in God, have allowed it to happen.

Non-believers in God are the ones who raised a loud voice to our government officials and convinced them to take God out of our schools. A recent Fox News poll shows that 92% of Americans believe in God, yet we allow a very tiny percentage of non-believers to succeed in their mission to banish God from our schools.

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How did this happen? Simple, 92 percent of the people were either to ashamed or to busy with worldly endeavors to stand up, and with a loud voice drown out the voices of the very few people who wanted God removed from our schools. We teach our children at home and in Church of God and his Creation of earth and all things on earth, but then have to send them off to school to be taught that the “theory of evolution” and not God, is responsible for our existence. The Bible teaches absolute truth with facts that can and have been proven. The “theory of evolution” is just that…someone's theory and opinion. Not a scientific fact to back anything. Yes, the First Amendment Rights of many, as well as the teachings of God, are slowly being weeded out. Until we, the majority, speak out and take control it will continue to happen.

Thank you Mr. Editor for allowing me to exercise my First Amendment Rights and God bless us all!

Mark Fowler