Can Farmville Help Senior Citizens?

Published 6:29 am Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

Upon reading the Town of Farmville's proposal on water and sewer rate increases I have to keep calm or I'll get another migraine.

I am a senior of over 70 years. And most of my neighbors are older than I am in a 35-unit rental complex of seniors. Our food keeps going up, so does cable, utilities, gas for the car, and our rent goes up $18 per month come Jan. 1st, etc.

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Our Social Security checks did not go up Jan. 2010 and will not go up Jan. 2011! Now what are we to do?

Since we are one person to each apartment, our water consumption is less than 2,000 gallons each every two months. Could the Town of Farmville keep us seniors at the same rate of $36.33 every two months? If they do, that would be a great blessing.

Mr. Spates will get a copy of my letter.

Vincentine Morin