Published 4:30 pm Thursday, October 21, 2010

IN EXECUTION of Deed of Trust dated February 12, 2007, made by Kathleen L. Williams, recorded in the County of Buckingham Circuit Court Clerk's Office in Deed Book 341 at Page 579, securing Note in original principal amount of $105,000.00, default having been made in payment of debt thereby secured, and at request of beneficiary thereunder, the undersigned, will offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash, at the front door of the County of Buckingham Circuit Court, 13061 W. James Anderson Highway, Buckingham, Virginia, on November 3, 2010 at 2:00 p.m., the properties conveyed in said Deed of Trust and briefly described as follows:

All that certain tract or parcel of land, together with all improvements and appurtenances thereto belonging, lying and being in Francisco District of Buckingham County, Virginia, containing 7 acres, more or less, but being a conveyance by the boundary and not by the acre and being bounded by Virginia Secondary Route #636, Virginia Secondary Route #609, the other lands of the Grantor, the other land of the Grantee and the lands now or formerly of James W. and Brenda M. Smith, said land being described as beginning as the intersection of the right of ways of Virginia Secondary Route #609 and #636 and thence running in a southerly direction 300 feet along the right of way of Virginia Secondary Route #609, thence from that point to the most southern point of the land now or formerly owned by James W. and Brenda M. Smith, thence in the northerly direction along the boundary of land now or formerly of Smith to the right of way of Virginia Secondary Route #636, thence in an easterly direction along the right of way of Virginia Secondary Route #636 back to the point of beginning LESS AND EXCEPT the one acre previously conveyed to the Grantee at Deed Book 197, Page 344, et seq.

TERMS OF SALE: CASH. Property is being sold “AS IS”, without any representations or warranties, SUBJECT to the rights of any person in possession and to all covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements, defects, encumbrances, adverse claims, or liens, whether filed or inchoate, which have priority over the Deed of Trust.

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Deposit of 10% cash, certified or cashier's check, will be required of successful bidder immediately after sale; settlement must be within 10 days from date of sale, TIME BEING OF THE ESSENCE, or property to be resold at cost to defaulting purchaser, and Trustee shall be entitled to recover from defaulting purchaser any deficiency resulting from resale. All costs of conveyancing, examination of title, recording and settlement charges, grantor's taxes, etc. to be at cost of purchaser. Noteholder reserves the right to bid and trustee reserves right to reject any bids, keep bidding open for any length of time, waive deposit requirements, extend time for settlement, announce additional terms of sale and cancel or rescind sale solely at trustee's discretion.


McKenry, Dancigers, Dawson & Lake, P.C.

Substitute Trustee


Angela Flores

192 Ballard Court, Suite 400

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

(757) 461-2500