Perriello Is An Exemplary Representative

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

Congressman Perriello is an exemplary Representative. He has been responsive to, and effective in meeting the needs of the Fifth District. He has worked exceedingly hard–apparently sixteen-hour days. He thinks intelligently and responsibly about the often emotional issues, such as economic stimulus, financial-sector regulation, and health-care reform, that he has confronted (not necessarily by his choice) during the past year and a half. He has listened to supporters and opponents and has patiently borne much abuse. And he truly does seem to have pursued the “common good” –a term he sometimes uses. Critical letters to the editor go on about socialism, Pelosi, nationalization, Marxism, elites, media, etc., etc. All this doesn't have anything to do with Perriello's representation of the Fifth District but seems to derive from some fantastical, often apocalyptic world view. Ultimately we have to vote for a representative for the Fifth District who will respond to its particular needs and will address broader issues in a thoughtful, balanced manner, undistorted by ideology and anger. Congressman Perriello exactly fits this bill. I look forward to voting for him with both confidence and enthusiasm.

William R. Hendley

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