Hurt Really Is 'From Here'

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

“From Here" is the message on the latest mailer from Tom Perriello. This poses the question: which of the two candidates, State Senator Robert Hurt or Congressman Tom Perriello, is truly from Southside Virginia?

Robert Hurt has spent most of his youth and all of his adulthood in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District living in Pittsylvania County. He graduated from Hampden-Sydney College, one of our many fine institutions of higher learning, and has worked as a Southside Virginia attorney since 1996. Robert has “been here” raising three sons in the District with his wife, Kathy. He has also devoted a great deal of time and effort to representing the people of Southside in Virginia's General Assembly. Robert Hurt knows our area and understands our unique needs.

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By contrast, Tom Perriello has spent almost all of his adult life away from the Fifth District. At age 18 he left the state and did not return until 2007 when he moved back in with his parents in Charlottesville to run for Congress. Tom's campaign has claimed that he is not a New York Lawyer which leaves me with questions about his vocation during those many years. Where was he planting his roots? Is he really the young Southside guy who drives a pickup truck as portrayed in his advertising? Is he really “for us” as his campaign literature states? Or has he simply been away from home too long?

Tom Perriello's campaign ads further claim that “He knows how to say no to Washington politicians.” But his voting record shouts just the opposite. Instead of listening to the clear call from the people of Virginia, Perriello joined Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid-the epitome of true Washington politicians-in voting for an unaffordable healthcare plan and a job-killing cap-and-trade bill.

If you are still not sure for whom you should vote on November 2nd please ponder these questions: Who really is “from here”? And who would fight harder for our needs-Robert Hurt, who has a passion and proven track record of working to make Virginia a better place to live, raise a family and do business-or Tom Perriello, who does not listen to us and may be better suited representing the people of New York than those right here at home?

Virginia J. Watson