Hurt Has Good Qualifications

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

Robert Hurt, good qualifications for Congress.

Robert Hurt is a principled, consistent, commonsense conservative in the classic Virginia style- and has the voting record to prove it. He grew up in the heart of Southside, in Pittsylvania County, where he learned the value of hard work, doing construction and laboring in the tobacco fields. He lives in Chatham with his wife Kathy and their three children Charles, Clement and John.

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After graduating from Hampden-Sydney College and Mississippi College School of Law, Robert worked as the Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney for Pittsylvania County.

He currently owns his own main street law practice and is a practicing attorney in the courthouse town of Chatham.

In 2000, he was elected to the Chatham Town Council. In 2001, he was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates where he served for 6 years. In 2007, Robert was elected to the Virginia Senate and he is currently a State Senator for Virginia's 19th Senate District. His current Senate District covers 170,000 citizens of Virginia and he currently represents 1/3 of the 5th Congressional District and has always received over 62% of the vote.

As a Legislator, Hurt has voted to cut taxes and fees more than 70 times. He worked with Governor Bob McDonnell to promote private sector job growth and extend tax credits. Furthermore, he worked with then Attorney General Bob McDowell to increase penalties faced by sex offenders and other criminals to protect children and families.

Robert Hurt has a 10096 Pro life voting record – Lifetime. Also, he has a lifetime” A” rating with the NRA (endorsed three times). He has a 100% – rating from the NRIB for the 2008-09 legislative session, the leading small business advocacy group, and an “A” rating from the Virginia's Family Foundation (a leading family rights conservative advocacy organization).

In Congress, Hurt will take the lead in reforming and reducing spending in Washington, and honor the Taxpayer Protection Pledge he signed to oppose any and all tax increases.

He will also fight to adopt a balanced budget amendment, enact a line item veto and put an end to corrupt earmarks that waste taxpayer dollars.

Hurt will be a strong voice to end illegal immigration that threatens both our national security and America jobs.

If one had to write up a set of qualifications for a good Congressman, it would be hard to improve on Robert Hurt.

Edward W. Early

Charlotte Court House