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Repeal Obama's Health Care Plan

Editor, The Herald:

I have not read every issue of The Herald in the past two months, but a random check shows Tom Perriello to be the ideal Congressman. He writes many free reports of his accomplishments for this area in Washington, D. C. He holds a number of town halls. He's opened up a campaign headquarters right across from the Post Office. And he's sent letters to many residents here.

Last Spring I attended a meeting of about 20 residents in Tom Perriello's L.U. office. The mood was critical and there was concern over the health plan and jobs. Mr. Periello is a gentleman and a smooth talker. He, the AARP President and President Obama all have said that there will be some cuts in Medicare to fund it but they won't say specifically what they will be. A fellow U.S. Congressman of Tom's, John C. Fleming, a Republican from Louisiana, sent me an e-mail and clearly spelled them out. It was a shocker–no wonder Mr. Fleming is working to repeal the Plan which spans several years. Seniors can be very worried. For more info, go to www.fleming.house.gov.

The only way this is to be repealed is to vote in November for Congressman who will vote to repeal the Obama Health Plan. Who would that Be? Not Tom, who voted for the Plan.

On Thursday, August 26, Bob Hurt, the Republican candidate for Congress and Tom's opponent in November, ate breakfast at The Hitching Post in Kingsville and was gone from Walker's Diner in Farmville by 11 a.m. It apparently was meant to be a secret visit because it was not reported in the August 25 or 27 Herald. I wonder how many people he talked to. I've not seen one free letter written by him in The Herald ( though a few supporters have) and I have no idea if he has a campaign office in Farmville. (I hope his staff lets us know). I am concerned because some of Tom's statements are not being questioned so that the people will not know what will happen in the future.

Most of us want a Congressman who cares for our area and can help pass legislation to help us. Many of us want a person who will uphold the traditional Judeo-Christian values of our country's past. Tom has done a good job as a Congressman to keep in touch. As we consider our vote in November, we have to decide what are the issues most important to us, and who can best do them. Farmville deserves to have a campaign here where both sides are heard on the issues.

Dr. Lee Roesti


(Editor's note: The Farmville Herald interviewed Sen. Hurt on that Thursday, August 26, here at our office. It was a lengthy interview and is featured on the front page of today's edition. The newsletters from our seated congressional representative have been printed in The Herald, regardless of political party, since the days of Dan Daniel. If Mr. Hurt wins, we will print his newsletters from Washington. Two years ago, we had to explain this same thing to Mr. Perriello's people and let them know that if he beat Virgil Goode then Mr. Perriello's newsletters from Washington would be printed. Thank you for reading and writing. Enjoy the front page interview with State Senator Hurt).