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Prince Edward Sheriff's Department Activity Report

Total calls received – 121

Calls handled by dispatch – 24

Civil papers served – 124

Criminal papers served – 45

Transports of mental patients and prisoners – 5

Traffic stops – 15

Court Hours –

Calls Received:

August 23

• Rescue call on Holly Farms Road.

• Loose dog on Planning Mill Road.

• Requesting assistance on Five Forks Road.

• Suspicious incident on Oliver Road.

• 911 hang-up on Falkland Road.

• Problem with juvenile.

• Rescue call on Cedar Point Road.

• Assistance needed.

• Accident on Farmville Road.

August 24

• Disabled vehicle on Zion Hill Road.

• Rescue call on Quail Crossing Road.

• Child abuse still under investigation.

• Vehicle unlock on Heights School Road.

• Stolen property on Oliver Drive.

• Suspicious vehicle on Douglas Church Road.

• Transport for Crossroads.

• Warrant service.

• Vehicle repossession.

• Rescue call on Back Hampden-Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Schultz Mill Road.

• Fire alarm on Poplar Forest Road.

August 25

• Rescue call on East Alameda Drive.

• Transport to Prince Edward County Courts.

• Transport to Crossroads.

• Suspicious subjects on Seven Eleven Road.

• Domestic.

• Rescue call on Olive Branch Road.

• Welfare check on Allen Lane.

• Underage possession of alcohol.

• Animal Control requested.

• Shots fired on Oak Hill Road.

• Warrant service.

• Verbal dispute on Holly Lane.

August 26

• Loud music on Poplar Forest Road.

• Suspicious incident on Leigh Mountain Road.
<br />• Breaking and Entering on Farmville Road.

• Medical call on College Road.

• Child abuse still under investigation.

• Rescue call on Milnwood Village Road.

• Protective Order Service.

• Abandoned vehicle on Virso Road.

August 27

• Rescue call on Darlington Heights Road.

• Missing adult on Pamplin Road.

• Forgery.

• Altercation.

• Juvenile out of control.

• Domestic.

• Narcotic violation on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Adult out of control.

August 28

• Loud music on Poplar Forest Road.

•Transport to Piedmont Regional Jail.

• Underage possession of Alcohol on Back Hamdpen-Sydney Road.

• Loud music on Dry Bridge Road.

• Vehicle unlock at Wal-Mart.

• Altercation.

• Debris on highway on Poorhouse Road.

• Rescue call on Dry Bridge Road.

• Possible Breaking and Entering on Free State Road.

• Burglar alarm on Darlington Heights Road.

• Shots fired on Farmville Road.

• Hit and Run on Five Forks Road.

August 29

• Warrant service.

• Vehicle theft on Sailors Creek Road.

• Vehicle unlock at Brook View Lodge.

• Rescue call on Gates Pointe Drive.

• Trees in road on Sulpher Spring Road.

• Rescue call on Prince Edward Highway.

• Assist motorist from Charlotte County Sheriff's Office.

• Breaking and Entering on Back Hampden-Sydney Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Allen Lane.

• Disturbance on Kingsville Road.

• Rescue call on Schultz Mill Road.