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Don't Turn US Into 'West France'

Editor, The Herald:

I especially enjoyed the letters to the editor in the Sept. 22nd issued of The Herald. It was my 59th birthday – probably a mild miracle surviving this long through an Army career and even more precarious battles with liberals over the last 40 years.

One letter expended tons of energy trying to convince the voters of the Fifth District that Jeffrey Clark is actually a “legitimate” candidate (try to imagine that!) for the Fifth District congressional seat, instead of someone acting like a teenager who just lost their texting privileges. I have never seen such a childish, selfish “Ross Perot wannabe” in my life. The writer at least admitted that he was for Perriello; that was a pleasant moment of honesty, and not just a veiled hope of seeing a major split within the conservative ranks. Have no grand illusions, a vote for Jeff Clark is a vote for Perriello and his “step mommy” Nanci Pelosi. I stopped classifying Pelosi as “Nanny” out of compassion, and heartfelt concern over the apparent decline in health of hundreds of liberals in the area – who were prescribed Valium to help counteract the disastrous results of my use of the “pseudonym in jest” – here in Central Virginia.

Within this very format, I have been referred to as a bigot, misogynist, and demeaning, you know – your basic hide-razor-blades-in-apples kind of guy. All of this came as a complete surprise to my African-American and Hispanic friends, my wife and women friends, and homeless people that I stop and feed hot sandwiches to on the roadside every winter. One writer loves nothing better than to slam us Tea Party guys and concludes that the Tea people are lined up behind some “kook” named Koch. And speaking of “kooks,” the far left seems to be hot-trailing the likes of George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, and “Prince Harry” Reid like a pack of Walkers on a fresh jump rutting buck. A trio of socialists if there ever were. The letter writer seems to have picked up his information as to how we “dupes” have been brain-washed from the N.Y. Times and New Yorker. Both outstanding bastions of “true conservatism,” which happed to be teetering on the cliff-edge of bankruptcy. Thanks to the exposure of their extreme liberal bias by Fox News, talk radio, and you guessed it, that God Send to America called the Tea Party – many of the liberal news outlets are about to go the way of the Do-Do Bird!

On a more serious note: the only feasible way under the Good Lord's blue sky to stop the complete destruction of this country by Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Perriello, as they scream down the road to socialism at “Mach 3 speed” is for the Republicans to take control of the congressional houses. The only way to do that is to pray, and cast a wise vote on November 2. Make no mistake, Jeff Clark has as much chance of going to Congress as catching ground fog in a Coke bottle. It's either Senator Robert Hurt, or the Perriello-Pelosi team. This is a free country (for now! Vote your conscious – just remember, a vote for Clark or Perriello is a vote to transform this country into West France!

Randy Biggerstaff

Green Bay