Prince Edward Sheriff's Department Activity Report

Published 8:01 am Friday, August 13, 2010

Total calls received – 137, Calls handled by dispatch – 31, Civil papers served – 198, Criminal papers served – 29, Transports of mental patients and prisoners – 8, Traffic stops – 8, Court Hours –

Calls Received:

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August 2

• Missing juvenile.

• Rescue call on Farmville Road.

• Accident involving deer on Prince Edward Highway.

• Writ of possession.

• Fire alarm on Singleton Road.

• 911 hang-up on West Third Street.

• Rescue call on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Transport for Crossroads.

• Suspicious subjects on Abilene Road.

• 911 hang-up on Walton Road.

• Requesting assistance on Miller Lake Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Virso Road.

• Suspicious subjects on Patrick Henry Highway.

August 3

• Alarm on Tuggle Road.

• Mental subject.

• Juvenile transport.

• Transport for Crossroads.

• Accident on Prince Edward Highway.

• Warrant service.

• Medical call on Gully Tavern Road.

• Requesting assistance on Darlington Heights Road.

• Accident involving deer on Prince Edward Highway.

• Transport for Crossroads.

August 4

• Fire on Zion Hill Road.

• 911 hang-up on Moore Johnson Lane.

• Rescue call on Darlington Heights Road.

• Writ of possession.

• Vandalism on Brooklyn Plantation Road.

• Detention order service.

• Juvenile out of control.

• Investigation on Carter Road.

• Threatening phone calls on Pond Drive.

• Burglar alarm on Twin Lakes Road.

• Rescue call on Milford Lane.

• Tree in road on Miller Lake Road.

• Protective order service.

• Problem with subject.

• Tree in road on Bloomfield Road.

August 5

• Driving under the influence on West Third Street.

• Rescue call on Dry Bridge Road.

• Road blocked on Holly Farms Road.

• Verbal threats.

• Transport for Crossroads.

• Alarm on Birchwood Lane.

• Alarm on Poplar Forest Lane.

• Power lines down on Brickett Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Hixburg Road.

• Tree in road on Monroe Church Road.

• Power lines down on Olive Branch Road.

• Tree in road on Poorhouse Road.

• Tree in Road on Monroe Church Road.

• Power lines down on Old Ridge Road.

• Fire on power lines on Prince Edward Highway.

• Need assistance on Dry Bridge Road.

• Alarm on Tuggle Road.

August 6

• Alarm on Sheppards Road.

• Power lines down on Lockett Road.

• Suspicious subjects on Darlington Heights Road.

• Traffic light out on Zion Hill Road.

• Rescue call on Peaks Road.

• Stolen property on West Patrick Henry Highway.

• Welfare check on Pamplin Road.

• Protective order service.

• Requesting assistance on Greenbay Road.

• Rescue call on Giles Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Greenbay Road.

911 hang-up on Allen Drive.

August 7

• Accident involving deer on Orchard Road.

• Boat accident on Landing Road.

• Stolen vehicle on Elam Road.

• Animal carcass on highway on Prince Edward Highway.

• Identity theft.

• Breaking and Entering on Free State Road.

• Rescue call on New Bethel Road.

• Writ of possession.

• Disabled vehicle on Worsham Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Briery Road.

• Rescue call on Persimmon Tree Fork Road.

August 8

• Rescue call on Darlington Heights Road.

• Tree in road on Darlington Heights Road.

• Dispute over child custody.

• Transport on Hardy Drive.

• Medical call on Prince Edward Highway.

• Suspicious incident on Smith Drive.

• Problem with juvenile.

• Domestic.

• Requesting assistance on Mill Creek Road.

• Need assistance on County Line Road.