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Prince Edward Sheriff's Department Activity Report

August 9

• Writ of Possession.

• Rescue call on Smith Drive.

• Protective Order Service.

• Vehicle unlock on Indian Spring Road.

• Problem with subject.

• Child abuse still under in-vestigation.

• Animal control requested at Hampden-Sydney College.

• Protective Order Service.

• Suspicious incident on Fair-grounds Road.

August 10

• Rescue call on Rattler's Branch Road.

• Loud noise on Poplar Forest Road.

• Alarm on Moore's Ordinary Road.

• Rescue call on Prince Ed-ward Highway.

• Transport to South Hill.

<!– 1upcrlf2 –>• Vehicle on fire on Prince Edward Highway.

• 911 hang-up on Peaks Road.

• Livestock on Property on Levi Road.

• Road rage.

• Burglar alarm on Hixburg Road.

• Dispute.

• Civil matter.

• Disabled vehicle on Bush River Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Harris Drive.

• Requesting assistance on Second Street.

• Accident involving deer on Worsham Road.

August 11

• Requesting assistance on Scruggs Road.

• Warrant service.

• Fire on Back Hampden-Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Eagle Drive.

• Suspicious incident on Elam Road.

• Assault.

• Destroy property on Mit-chell Road.

• Tree in road on Allen Farm Road.

• Stolen property on Mclen-don Drive.

• Warrant service.

• Breaking and Entering on Tuggle Road.

• Animal control requested on Miller Lake Road.

• Assistance needed on South Farmville Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

• Threatening phone calls on Farmville Road.

• Suspicious subjects on Prince Edward Highway.

• Alarm on Sulphur Spring Road.

August 12

• Suspicous vehicle on Five Forks Road.

• Accident on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Alarm on Virso Road.

• Suspicous vehicle on Five Forks Road.

• Breaking and Entering on Leigh Mountain Road.

• Livestock on property on Weaver Road.

August 13

• Rescue call on Pine Crest Drive.

• Animal control requested on Hixburg Road.

• Livestock in road on Weaver Road.

• Alarm on Watson Boule-vard.

• Breaking and Entering on Dowdy's Corner.

• Rescue call on Milnwood Village Road.

• Rescue call on Pond Drive.

• Accident on Back Hamdpen-Sydney Road.

• Livestock on property on Weaver Road.

• Rescue call on Prince Ed-ward Highway.

• Problem with subject.

• Animal carcass on highway on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Verbal threats.

• Burglar alarm on Hill Crest Road.

• Rescue call on Five Forks Road.

August 14

• Subject in distress on Rice's Depot Road.

• Domestic.

• Livestock on property on Weaver Road.

• Tree in road on Five Forks Road.

• Assault.

• Traffic control on Farmville Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Green Bay Road.

• Stolen property on Dry Bridge Road.

• Suspicous subject on Dar-lington Heights Road.

• Rescue call on Farmville Road.

• Animal abuse on Dry Bridge Road.

• Suspicous subjects on Pin Oak Road.

August 15

• Loud music on North Hard-times Road.

• Welfare check on Taylor Drive.

• Burglar alarm on Holly Farms Road.

• Suspicious subjects on Dar-lington Heights Road.

• Requesting assistance on Schultz Mill Road.